Proposals for the START-UPs

Our clients pay only for the real and productive solutions!

The «Meldava Consultant» company, using the experience of its team of professionals helps new businesses and projects (start-ups) in the part of the rapid and qualitative determination of promising products and services, prospects positioning in the market, potential threats from competitors, and so on.

We help the new-coming entrepreneurs and start-up projects to:

  • determine how the new business idea is applicable in current market realities;
  • conduct a general analysis of competitors and helping to choose the own path of development;
  • professionally calculate the profitability and costs of the project;
  • well-run business - the project;
  • correct formation of a business plan, including for a bank crediting operation;
  • calculate the production capacity;
  • determine the necessary personnel resources;
  • select and purchase the best suit equipment;
  • straighten out the business processes;
  • introduce modern business technologies: lean office, warehouse, etc.

Also, in the first stage of our work, we analyze the whole project and recommend the direction of the business, including the opportunity or inopportunity of your investment.

Business is a struggle, but the result depends on the skill of the fighter. As a business axiom we use one of the eternal principle of martial arts - "A won battle - a battle that never took place." With the principle of this axiom, we analyze the most of the start-up projects, which came from the business new-comers.

For example, we did receive a call of services from an investor, which earned his money abroad, who wishes to buy an existing business - a fast food cafe, built of easy-mount metallic structures and placed on the land owned by large retail chain. The Café, as business, was particularly interesting as an investment - it was assumed that the investor buys the cafe on "turnkey" in the property for 30 000 Euro. The real value of the cafe (metalwork, stained glass, equipment, etc.), was at 60 000 Euros. The promised profitability was higher than 3 000 Euros per month. Naturally, with such monthly income parameters and the possibility to buy the cafe in property for a half price, there must be no doubt in the investment positive opportunity. However, after the work of our team, including the land owner insider information, it was found that the land, on which the café is placed and is rented from a major retail operator, is planned for next year to be used for the construction of a new supermarket. Thus, the café project could run on the existing territory for not more than 10 months, after which the owner would have been forced to search for a new territory to reinstall the cafe – which mean supplementary investment in new land replacement, the connection to water, electricity, and other approval paperwork. Also there is another issue – to find a new area to house the cafe on 150 square meters, on such low price as the actual. We did recommend to abandon the investment in this project. Thus, spending about 300 Euro for our services, the potential investor has kept his 30 000 Euro funds that have been invested, subsequently, in a less risky project, with a 1 500 Euro monthly level of profitability..

Our team will help you to take the right decision on investment or the beginning of a new business, also we will made recommendations on the selection of potential partners, including for more productive growth of your business.

We work with the tasks that are difficult for any start-up, as well - understanding of the competitive environment, correct positioning, correct design of the beginning of any business in the legal framework, the definition of the necessary financial and human resources, determining the viability and payback of the project and other issues, which at first sight, seems to be simple questions, but which will allow our clients to start any project with the "right foot".

For all start-ups, we recommend starting with services of TROUBLE SHOOTING PRIVATE (hourly basis) and, if necessary, to move later to a comprehensive package of Trouble-shooting services.

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